What Makes Bonuses Work And When Are They Outdated

Sep 26, 2017
internet Marketing
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Bonuses! What are they all about?

It makes no difference if you’re a seasoned Internet Marketer or a beginner when it comes to buying that product you will find yourself influenced by who is offering what as bonuses.

The question we would like to ask you today is; “how do you rate the quality of those bonuses”?

Now we’re not going to name names here but we do feel it necessary to have our say with regard to the constantly failing integrity of bonus products which many Internet Marketers use to help sell affiliate products.

Recently We picked up a very much needed piece of software to help with our own Affiliate Marketing and along with it a few bonuses.

Regretfully we did feel let down by those bonus products. We should say of course that we failed to do our due diligence with regard to the bonuses and therefore perhaps should not be too disappointed with what we ended up with.

Again we feel there is a question to be asked here. When does a product become too old to be used as a bonus?

You see, it’s perhaps our personal nature and our own integrity here but isn’t a five-year-old product past its sell-by-date?

Can we not say that the content of a five-year-old eBook is out of date? and if it is, then is it not also too out of date to be used as a bonus product.

Software, may, of course, be the exception to the rule. There are many great software applications and we include WordPress in this category that does the job they were created for year after year.

We are constantly being made aware of how fast the world of internet marketing changes and we think this should ring alarm bells in the ear of those marketers who use bonus products in their affiliate marketing, after all, it is those same marketers who are telling us how fast things are changing.

We understand that as a Product Creator nobody wants to give away their top products as a bonus, but we’re talking about marketers that constantly tell us about how many Millions of Dollars they’ve made as affiliate marketers.

So our question is this, If you are a well off as you say, then surely it’s within your means to purchase a couple of up to date products to offer as your bonuses, that way you still get to keep your best-selling products to yourself.


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