Content Marketing – 7 Things You Should Know

Feb 22, 2016
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Content Marketing

“Content Marketing”
Is much more than just another buzzword.

Content Marketing is not simply another word for blogging or social media, nor is it a strategy that should be approached halfheartedly.

In fact, if used correctly content marketing is one of the most powerful and effective strategies you can use for growing your business.

It’s far more than just writing the occasional blog post or posting to social media. Having a content marketing strategy in place can result in the following:

    • Increased Website Traffic
    • More Social Media Followers
    • More Email Subscribers
    • Increased Qualified Leads
    • Higher Sales

Regularly creating and promoting content is no longer enough: your content needs to be of a high quality, and it needs to speak directly to your target audience. Remember that your content is competing with a multitude of other online content and the key is to bring the Internet Surfer to Your Site to read Your content.

So How can We accomplish This:
There are 7 basic factors to take into consideration when creating new content for your site.

1. Your content needs to stand out online
The first thing I would say is, bear in mind that your customers owe you nothing. It’s your job to engage with them and get them to watch, read or listen to your content.
You can no longer accept the phrase “Good enough” because it just isn’t good enough anymore.

2. Your Content Should be more about providing valuable information than It is about Sales!
Whilst your content can most certainly be used to entice your prospects into buying your products or services, you realy should consider providing valuable information than selling.

Consumers today are increasingly aware of being “sold to”. They see through the manipulative sales copy that preys on their emotions, or uses hype to push them towards buying, and most will leave the site immediately to seek the information they desire. 

However by providing your readers with regular helpful content you will build up a relationship with them and over time they will come to trust you.  

Establish this Rapport with your client base and when the time comes for them make that purchase you will be their first choice.

3. SEO is Also Critical to Success.
For many years now it has been accepted that SEO is the main key to driving traffic to a website. and most of the larger companies employ a dedicated team to keep on top of their SEO.

However SEO is not they only key to getting traffic as discussed in My post on “Evergreen Content is King

In recent years it has been realized that SEO needs Original Quality Content to get maximum effectiveness.

To succeed in Today Market, businesses must create and share valuable content regularly via their website and social media channels.

Google now show a preference for long form content (1000 words or more), so by creating longer, high-quality blog posts that cover a topic in depth you increase your chances at obtaining high ranking in the search engines.

4. The Long Term Factor
Generally speaking, content marketing needs to fit in with your overall business marketing strategies.

You should not expect to see instant results no matter how good your content is or how well it is written.

The process of good content marketing is something which is done over time and it will produce results. Remember, engagement with your readers and offering value is the key to keeping them coming back for more.

5. You’re probably already using content marketing without realizing it.
If you have a blog or run a newsletter then you already engage in content marketing.

While many bloggers don’t really understand the term content marketing it is these efforts which are necessary for generating traffic, leads and of course sales.

6. Calculating the ROI of your content marketing.
It’s been said that most business think it’s impossible to know if their content marketing is achieving a positive ROI.

In fact, many established marketers find it difficult to calculate. According to the
Social Media Marketing Industry report of 2015, approximately 22{1039872b9b5b64e46745d9193c25a7ee1c0d2ff4785e24aa066d5c6b00562efc} of professionals marketers say they don’t know how to calculate the ROI on their social media activities.

There are many factors to be taken into consideration of course but it is possible to calculate the ROI on you content marketing efforts.

You will need to look at such things as page views, which pages are actually being viewed. how far those who make a purchase get through your sales funnel. How many share views you have etc.

7. Visual content is also now an absolute necessity.
We all know that for a couple of years now visual content has been growing almost daily and it is said that if you don’t engage your audience with video on your site then you will lose sales and subscribers to those who do.

Many entrepreneurs see images and video as an add-on to their content, without understanding the power that video and images offer them to engage their audience.

For example if you wanting to buy a new car and you viewed two sites and the first gave you a description of the car along with it’s specs while the second offered you a video and images of the interior with details of it’s specs.

You would probably be inclined to stay longer on the second site and perhaps make a positive decision based on what you saw rather than what you read.

This is the power of visual content.

To conclude.
Content marketing is without doubt the most effective online strategy you can employ for growing your business, but if you mix it up with visual images you will achieve better results.

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