Customer Care is a Pain in The Ass

Mar 13, 2016
Customer Care
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Customer Care

You would never believe that learning customer care could be so beneficial! But it is

There are certain Customer Care Skills that every business owner should master.

Whether your are a super store on the high Street or an online Marketer, Customer Care Is Important to your business.

Every Business needs a Support Desk and a Customer Care mission statement. Ignore this at your Peril.

Without it, you run the risk of finding your business in an embarrassing customer service train-wreck, or at the very least you’ll simply lose customers as your service continues to let people down.

A Support Desk is meant to serve a purpose but it appears that some businesses online simply install a support desk plugin and then forget it is there. 

In this post I’ll cover 12  skills needed in customer care that any business should master.

If you were to ask someone “What dose being a Customer Care Adviser mean to them”, most will will reply “It means being a People Person”.

Now whilst this is not entirely WRONG, it is somewhat of a misconception. Why? Because it’s to vague, It’s a generic response. Customer Care is a SERVICE and as such requires a Set of skills which must be mastered if you are to Woo your customers into staying with your brand and continue buying your products.

There are basically two variables that seem to govern most customer support desks.

a. Get the email read and get rid of them ASAP.

b. Take your time to respond and they will give up and go away.

The thing is both of these scenarios could not be further from the truth. So with that said and done let’s take a look what’s required to have a GREAT Customer Care Service!

  1. Patience – You’ve probably heard the old adage “Patience is a virtue” and when it comes to customer care it’s really important to have patience. Take the time to listen to what your customer is saying. Remember the customer would rather have a trustworthy and competent service which resolves their issue than be rushed out the door.
  2. Attentiveness – Is The ability to listen to customers and is crucial for providing great service for a number of reasons. for example: A customer may not say outright,  “by the way you members area is set up poorly”. There is however a pervasive feeling that your members area is not easy to navigate. If you listen attentively to your customer you may learn a way to improve your product or service.  The secret is to find out what your customer is saying without telling it to you.
  3. Clear Communication – Make sure you get to the root of the problem quickly. Communication is everything but you should be cautious about what you say and the intention of what is said.
  4. Product knowledge – It is absolutely essential that whom ever you choose to run your Helpdesk has full and extensive knowledge of all your products.
    This will not only speed up Helpdesk ticket replies but will result in fulfilled resolution and customer satisfaction.
  5. Positive Language – The use of Positive Language is very important and people (especially customers) will create perceptions about you and your company based upon what you say to them.
    Here’s an example: Let’s say a customer contacts you with pre sales enquiry about a particular product. Your response should concentrate upon the positives of the product and where possible relate to how the customer will benefit from using it.
  6. Time Management – I’m not suggesting here that we fob anyone off with whatever it takes to get rid of them. Quite the opposite in fact you should always end up leaving a customer happy and content. This said though the longer you spend dealing with one individual the the less time you will have to spend with the next.  If your helpdesk tickets are mounting up then time management is of the essence.
  7. Understanding Your Customer – Most internet marketers never get to come face to face with their customers. Therefore it becomes important to be able to understand their mood through reading their email.
    For example –  Words written in bold type or capitals would suggest they may be shouting or at lease angry and attempting to emphasize a particular point. A good helpdesk adviser will understand the the psychology of the written word.
  8. Be a Calming Influence – It is important to have the ability to keep things on a calm and constructive level for all parties concerned. Some time ago I had a situation with my web-hosting and was on the verge of moving all my sites.
    However the customer adviser who was handling my problem was both knowledgeable of their product and able to keep a level head when I placed her under pressure.
    This lead to a solution to my problem and showed me that the customer service of this company was well worth my staying with them.
  9. Problem Solving – Although problem solving is an essential part of a Helpdesk advisers arsenal, it is not possible for anyone to have all the answers to all the problems. What is important though is knowing where to find the answers and who to pass this problem to.
  10. The Power of Persuasion – This is a good requirement for any customer care adviser as you will often get messages in your inbox that are more about the curiosity of your company’s product(s), rather than having problems with them.
    You can take your customer service skills to the next level, by having some mastery of persuasion in that you can influence interested customers that your product is right for them.
  11. Go the Extra Mile – you may have heard at sometime the expression “Time is Money”. whilst this is true in some aspects it does not fit all situations. Modern day Call centers for example work on the principle that each adviser must answer a certain numbers of calls per hour. My experience of this is that it does not always bring a customers problem to a satisfactory conclusion.
    Simply by taking the time required to resolve a problem for a customer to its fullest extent however long it takes will not only maintain a good customer relationship, but has the power to bring additional customers to your company as they recommend your products to their friends based upon your customer care service.
  12. The Desire to Learn – As a customer care adviser you should always have a burning desire to learn more about your company and it’s products .
    Those without the desire to learn will stagnate and get left behind, whereas those who show a willingness to progress and learn will always get better results and satisfaction from their work.

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