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Sep 12, 2017
Customer Care
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Customer Support

Customer Support really is a requirement for Internet Marketers.

Back in March we wrote about Customer Support and Using a Helpdesk.

Customer support has played a large part in our lives here at Orion Digital and is, therefore, a subject we are passionate about.

You cannot run a successful business without a helpdesk. Equally, when you have a helpdesk it must have a dedicated and well-trained team at the helm.

Back in March, we were prompted to write about how we had been let down by a particular (un-named Support) helpdesk and here we are to let you know that things haven’t improved.

Can you imagine buying a product from a Popular High Street Store and when you get home and unpack it you find a fault?

When you return to the store you find no helpdesk or anyone in the store dedicated to resolving your issue.

You would probably get quite angry and consider never buying another product from that store again.

Believe it or not, this is a very strong refund motivator in the field of Internet Marketing.

Despite the fact that your customer may like the way your product works, the request for refund will come if you don’t resolve what may sometimes prove to be the simplest of issues they are having with it.

There are literally thousands of new websites appearing on the internet every day and many of them are Newly fledged Entrepreneurs wanting to make money online.

The unrecognized factor with these Entrepreneurs is that many of them are working to an extremely low and restricted budget.

Their low budget makes them shop for marketing tools that fall into an affordability bracket and yes many are looking to buy a Rolls Royce for the price of a Mini. But this shouldn’t mean that when they go to your helpdesk and create a New Ticket suggesting your product has a fault or won’t install properly that they should be ignored.

If you take the time to look into some of the helpdesks of internet marketers you will find somewhere a note saying “Please be patient, our helpdesk is very busy but we will answer your ticket within 24 hours”

So why does it then take three days (72 Hours) to get a reply, or why after 72 hours do we have to send yet another ticket asking them why they have not replied to the first.

You get the idea. The attitude appears to be “Oh look here’s another one complaining that he’s paid $27 for our product that doesn’t work the way we said it does” who cares!!!!!

We should all care. Almost every day there is some marketer sending an email to his list about his latest product or a product he is recommending as an affiliate.

Every Product Vendor needs to take stock of their customer support Process, it can be their biggest asset or their largest loss of revenue if not run correctly.

Your Customer support is not just a place for complaints, it should be a resource for customer pre-sales inquiries and as such, it can play a massive role not only in customer retention but in added revenue. 

There are a number of customer support software applications offered on the internet and we would recommend that if you want to look professional in your business, you take the time to find one that does the job the way you want it too.

For heaven’s sake please do not take the cheap way out and use one of the many FREE helpdesk apps that are available. They have the same effect as using FREE Webhosting and are not good for business.

As for ourselves, our helpdesk support metrics which let us know down to the minute how long we take to reply to a customer and effect a resolution to their individual issues.

Time after time we hear Internet Marketers tell us that their business is all about helping people.

Yet Time after Time they fail at what is the most important sector of their business. Internet Marketing is not just about Selling it is about helping people.

We would love to hear from you, and look forward to reading and answering your comments which we promise won’t take us 72 hours.


Adam is the founder of First Media Direct and Author of the Company Blog Orion Digital.

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