Effective Techniques For Building Links

Jul 25, 2017
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Building Links

Effective Techniques For Building Links

Let me ask, What are your effective Techniques for Building Links?

As bloggers, we are always looking to build links back to our website, however, link building is not straight forward.

No matter what niche you are in, you want to get back links to your website. Most of us shy away from the many options that are there for the taking.

Without those back links, Google can’t judge how popular our website is.

So just how do we get those all important Backlinks?

Here’s what Google has to say.

#1. Produce Great Content.I mentioned back in March not only how important content is but how much content needs to be evergreen.

#2. Blog Commenting. – Ok! I know you’ve heard this one before, but it really is worth the time and effort. Blog Commenting is quite possibly the most popular method of link building if done correctly, it does work.

Join the conversation – Your comments can be either constructive or controversial but in either case, you should add to the conversation.

#3. Original Research. – Plagiarism is rife these days, It is absolutely crucial for your readers and for your search engine ranking that what you produce on your blog is sourced from your own Original Research. This is the key to having Effective Techniques For Building Links.

#4. NewslettersMany of the larger sites have a Newsletter and make good use of them. However producing a weekly or even monthly Newsletter is not everyone’s cup of tea. For example, If you are a one or two person business, creating content for your Blog regularly may not afford you the additional time to produce a Newsletter.

#5. Social Media – If you’re just starting out this may be a difficult one to get into. The term social media covers a huge number of different sites today and I’m not going start listing them here. Social Media can be a great source of traffic and is useful for letting others know what your product/service has to offer. Social Media is also a great place to discover what people are talking about and what problems they are experiencing.

#6. Listicles – This is easiest explained as a List in the form of an article – Now these are quite a common form of offering information and are used for such as “How To’s”, or “6 Best WordPress Plugins” and are as their title suggests a list such as the one you are reading now.

#7. Tutorials As mentioned in the video, Tutorials are a great way to offer content. Not only do you get to answer questions your readers may have presented you with, but you get to establish yourself as an authority in your field.

#8. Resources/Product – Resources could be offered as a list of tools (Free or Premium) which would help your readers with various aspects of their own blogging or Product Creation. Again there is an opportunity to offer a “How To” Tutorial about product creation for example.


Whilst some of the above suggestions are “Stand alone” Material, you will find as you begin to lay out your content strategy that they actually mix well together helping to make your content stand out from others.


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