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Apr 22, 2016
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Writing A Blog Post for the first time can be a daunting task!

If you’ve already installed WordPress you will I’m sure recognize this blog post – “Hello World!”
It’s a generic inclusion which comes with every Install of WordPress and I like everyone else who comes across this inclusion immediately have chosen to delete it.

But I’d like to pause for just a moment to consider why WordPress have indeed chosen to include this particular opening with their installation process.

When faced with a completely blank canvas the artist has to start somewhere and lets face it there are many decisions which have to be made; such as what colors to use, which brush to use, where on the canvas to place the first brush stroke and much more…..

Well a first time blogger faces the same sort of questions…. what to I write about, where do I begin, how do I make my blog post readable and keep it interesting, there are many questions which go through your mind as you make the decision to write that very first blog post.

The Key factor here not to dwell upon your topic or subject matter too long, the more you procrastinate the more difficult it becomes to write anything.

“Hello World” as a first blog post title in the right context could be a good lead in to your blogging career, after all people want to know who you are and what you do. Perhaps you could change this to “About the Author” you will find it easier to write something about yourself and your Blogging Direction than to simply dive straight in with a deeply intense topic.

Once you have created your “About the Author” Post or Page you could then use the same idea with a bit of re-wording in the creation of your first blog post.

Think about meeting someone for the first time and striking up a conversation with them. Writing to a blog is very similar and now you have your introduction page/post in place you can get into the meat of your project and start writing subject matter to enthuse and entertain your readers.

Topic research is vital to what you write (unless of course you are an expert in your particular field) however if you have made the your niche selection wisely then you should not come unstuck for something to write about. If you do then you shoul maybe ask yourself why you started a blog in the first place.

When it comes to topic research for your blog post remember, Google is your best friend. 

Good Blogging Practices:

  1. Blogging is a skill that needs time to nurture and develop – Don’t be too ambitious in the early days. Train yourself to write your copy in an efficient way which flows and is easily understood.
  2. Don’t quantify your blogging effortsNew and inexperienced bloggers make the mistake of quantifying everything they write about too early in the game, such as focusing on the number of clicks, shares, word count, SEO, backlinks, etc. I’m not suggesting that these thing are not important but when you are just starting out you shouldn’t dwell too much on them. 
  3. Consider splitting a long post into a number of smaller ones – The average blog post should be between 350 and 1200 words containing images and hyperlinks. However should you find yourself exceeding the average word count then consider creating a series of connected blog posts.
  4. Update an older published post with a New Post – Don’t make the mistake of going back to an already published post and changing it in order to update the information within it. this is a common mistake that many new bloggers fall in to. Instead create a New Blog Post with the updated information and link back to the original post then you can insert a link to this New version into the older already published post.

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