How to Get Better At SEO Content

Apr 7, 2016
Article Writing
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SEO Content

So What is SEO Content?

To fully understand the answer to this question I’m going to break SEO Content down into two parts.

Part 1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization, or in other words the process of optimizing a website and its content so that people can easily find it via search engines such as Google).

Part 2. Content (information in the form of written articles, video or audio that lives on the internet).

So now we have the Principle concept, when we put the two parts together we have something which looks like this
SEO Content is content which is specifically created with the aim of attracting Search Engine Traffic

Taking account of what we now know, let’s expand the criteria and look at what we must factor into our Articles to make them good SEO Content.

  • Keyword Research – Generating traffic through organic searches requires much keyword research before you even start writing.
    This will enable you to focus on those keywords which there already exists a certain amount of search volume.
    In other words you write your articles based on topics that you know people are already searching for information about.
  • Keyword Optimization – Knowing where to place your keyword(s) and how to use them within your content in order to offer maximum search-ability.
  • Content Order – our content should be organized in a logical way, not only on each post or page but throughout your entire site.
    This has a two fold effect. firstly it will enable your visitors to easily find other related content therefore keeping them on your site longer.
    Secondly and perhaps more importantly is that Google loves organised sites where related content is interlinked.

Of course once you have your article completed you should at all costs Make sure that you promote as much as possible that is to say via your social media platforms.  

Food for Thought!
Search Engine Traffic should not be your only goal when writing your articles and if you do go down this route your results will probably suffer.

You should be writing to please both the Search Engines  (who reward you with favorable page rankings) and your Readers who are your potential customers.

Let’s face it your readers are looking for value in the information your write about. They above all are where your potential income lies and unless you offer value within your SEO Content they will leave your site never to return.

Any Post or Page you create if done correctly can  will attract both New Search Engine Traffic and often returning Traffic.

Best SEO Content includes any of the following:-

  1. Blog Posts & Pages – A blog is possibly the easiest way to create a regular stream of SEO content since blog posts are generally more engaging and more likely to attract links they can be a great way to build authority for you and your site.
  2. Video – Depending upon what type of site or business you run, videos can be a great way to attract and reach your audience Consider this. Create video tutorials of how to use your products. Or illustrate a process that is related to your business.


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