Keywords Optimization, How To Get More Out Of It

Aug 15, 2017
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Keywords Optimization

The Importance of Keywords Optimization

I’m sure you already know about the importance of Keywords Optimization within your content and how they affect the search engine rankings.

When writing an article, whether it’s for submission to an article directory or as a post to publish on a blog, the key factor for optimization is choosing the right keywords or phrase.

Content Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is at best a tricky strategy for anyone to get right.

By choosing the right set of keywords or keyword phrases for your article and then molding them into an article which is interesting, intuitive and engaging your article could indeed make page one in the search engines.

When defining keyword phrases, we mean a phrase consisting of two to four words ( or more) which convey the essential part of the message your article is portraying.

When writing an article we may well include a number of keywords or phrases which it may rank for.

However, it is pertinent to have what is called a “Target Phrase” which is designed to convey the essential core of the article and it is this phrase which should be stressed more often than the other keywords or phrases.

Any keyword phrase we choose should be based on the way people search for information;

For example:

  • How can I improve my golf swing?
  • What’s the best way to improve my golf swing?
  • Whats the best way to Lose weight?
  • What’s the quickest way to lose 10 pounds?
  • What’s the quickest way to lose ten pounds?

I’m not suggesting for a moment that Studying the keyword phrases people search for will make you a better writer but it will give you an insight into how your potential audience think when searching for information.

Keywords Optimization – How to Choose the best!

Let’s take a look at how to choose the best target keyword phrase for any given article.

There may be some subtle differences in this setup depending on different situations however, the following basic steps can be applied to any written article.

Many writers will tell you the title of your article is the most important part of your article.

Whilst I wouldn’t disagree with them you should understand also that your keyword strategy should be applied throughout your whole article.

So let’s take a look at how to choose the best keywords and phrases.

#1. About Your Article

What is the main topic?
What is the main benefit for your reader?
What questions does it answer?

#2. Brainstorming You Keywords –

Before using a keyword research tool, you need to have some idea about the terms you would enter into a search engine if you were searching for an article on this topic.

Your search should vary in length but be no less than two words.

#3. Keywords Research –

Whilst Googles Keyword Planner is used by a great number of Bloggers, Writers alike, it is not the only keyword tool available, so I’m not going to suggest that any particular one is better than the others, It’s an individual choice.

However, whichever tool you do use, what you are looking to achieve is words or phrases that reflect what your article subject matter is about.

Compile a list of what you consider the most effective and keep away from high volume searches.

Any search results you are unsure of, try Googling them this will show you the type of information they produce and you can then choose to keep or disregard that particular phrase.

#4. Large Volume Search Results – 

This section is mostly geared towards new writers and Bloggers.

Try to avoid search results that have large monthly search figures like 690,000.

When researching your keywords optimization, look for specific phrases in the mid to low monthly search volume, Your odds of ranking on page one will be higher for this type of keywords phrase.

You are far better achieving a page one ranking for a phrase that gets a few thousand monthly searches than ending up in the middle of say page fifty with a keyword phrase offering several hundred thousand monthly searches.

#5. Review The Stats –

Whilst there is no set figure for or exact search term, look at the phrases you have selected and the monthly search volume for each.

What you are looking for is a keyword or phrase that offer the best solution for your article and has a search volume in the thousands rather than the hundreds of thousands.

This is probably the hardest thing for every beginner to do. we’re sorry but there is no magic solution. It’s pretty much guess work. Over time you will become more familiar with the process and be able to carry out this task quicker.

To Conclude – 

Long Tail Keywords are your best option for Keywords Optimization. Once you have done your research a few times you will become much more familiar with what and what not to consider. You will find that your pages start ranking higher in the Search Engine Page Ranking (SERPs) and when you see for the first time your page is on page one of the google search then you know you have the right formula.

As the saying goes, “Wash Rinse and Repeat. 

We would really like to hear from you and all comments are welcome (not including Ads and Spam). Be controversial if you like, Tell us what works for you.



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