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Sep 19, 2017
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Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns and Blogging what’s it all about?

Marketing Campaigns For Bloggers is all about suggesting how you can make some subtle changes to the way you write and present your blog.

Day after day we read about content being the king of the blog but what kind of content really is king?

In this post, we’d like to look at what we call “Smart Content Marketing”.

The days of writing a short article, getting a few backlinks, and sitting back while the traffic pours in are long gone.

We know that recently Google made changes to their search algorithm which changed the way they place value on content in terms of providing exposure through keyword searches made by those in your niche.

Having an insight to your blogging techniques will help you stay ahead of the curve, after all the last thing you need is to find yourself in front of your computer staring at a blank screen with absolutely no idea what to write about.

Successful blogging requires effort and thought, and a more complex strategy than ever before, but it’s certainly not difficult to do.

You need to have a powerful strategy based on smarter content marketing tactics which lead your readers through your content and further into your website.

We’re going to look at some of the key metrics you can use to judge whether or not your content marketing strategy is a success.

Additionally, we’ll see how to formulate a winning strategy from the beginning which will require fewer tweaks and will mean limited trial & error.

There is a system – an absolute formula – for creating successful content marketing campaigns, and we’re going to lay it all out for you.

There are some very specific ways you can generate more traffic to your website through content-based campaigns.

This will help you figure out exactly what your visitors are interested in, enabling you to deliver the best possible on-site experience to your prospects.

But first, you need to know that the old methods of content marketing are just not as effective anymore there’s just too much competition.

Search engines today favor the older sites that have already established trust and authority.

Getting ranked as a new site is very difficult, though definitely not impossible.

Keyword Stuffing

It’s not too long ago that to rank well in the search engines all you had to do was make sure you repeated your keywords regularly throughout your website, making sure to fit it into meta tags, meta description, page title and header tags. this was known as Keyword Stuffing.

Once the search engines caught on to this practice they started making changes to their algorithm and as a result, many online businesses collapsed overnight.

In General, None of the Following work very well at all these days.

Keyword Stuffing – Never, ever include the same keyword anymore than necessary to convey the point of your article. You could get penalized or even blacklisted by the search engines if you use this practice in your content.

Backlink Farming – While it’s still important to build backlinks to your websites from authority sites, getting too many backlinks too quickly, or obtaining a lot of low-quality links will do nothing for you. You may find your site being penalized by the search engines. Backlinks should be built slowly and over time.

Keyword Domain Names – Registering keyword-based domains names in order to rank better in the search engines isn’t necessarily successful either. While it won’t get you penalized, it won’t necessarily increase your chances of getting a higher ranking either. 

So by now, you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this post. well, here’s a hint:- You don’t have to rank in the search engines for major keywords in order to be successful! In fact, you can run a successful business without any search engine traffic whatsoever.

So, What Does Work?

Well, here at Orion Digital our motto is “Working With Words” and we opened our doors in February this year with our first article. We don’t use pay per click keywords of any description but within the first 30 days, we found ourselves on the first page of google.

Additionally, in March we had our first article “Evergreen content is King” reach the top of page one.

I’m not going to tell you that keyword research is a waste of time, it’s not but choosing the right keywords for your article and getting your keyword density right is vital.

Article Length Is Important!

At one time it was perfectly acceptable to churn out articles of 350 to 500 words stuffed with keywords. Today Google favors much longer articles/posts, it’s not uncommon these days to find bloggers writing 2000 to 3000 Word articles where the keyword density is around 0.5%.

Regular Posting is important;

You must have a schedule for posting to your blog. By this I mean make a conscious decision to write and post on a regular basis for example once or twice a week, this will give you a deadline to meet and will ensure continuity for your blog.

Optimization is Important

Yes, of course, you can outsource your blog optimization if you have an unlimited budget, but there is a great way to optimize effectively without paying a fortune. The repository has a plugin called YOAST and it’s a great way to keep on top of page optimization since it works for you as you write.

Social Media

It’s widely known that Social Media is an asset to an online business in as much as it helps spread the word amongst your readers and allows them, in turn, to spread the news about your blog to their friends and colleagues.

However, if you are a sole entrepreneur or even work with a partner I would suggest a careful approach to social media. What I mean is simply this social media also demands regular posts which again must be regulated by posting to it once or twice a week, Some more successful entrepreneurs post as much as every hour.

Here at Orion Digital, we took a different approach to social media. In order not to fall into the social media trap we set out a plan of attack. Starting with Twitter only and setting a figure of followers whereupon once reached we would then add the next social media platform, working to similar guidelines.

So far, this approach has worked for us to great effect. Our most important priority is to deliver content of value in our blog posts and this is where our main focus lies.

Marketing Campaigns are not just about selling goods or services it’s about getting traffic to your blog and getting that traffic to actually read what you write about.

Marketing Campaigns and Strategy

  • Write long, high-quality articles between 1,500 and 3,000 words each and post them to your website or blog on a regular schedule.
  • Optimize them for the search engines with relevant keywords used throughout your content, article titles and create a linking strategy that directs readers to other relevant articles on your website.
  • Make sure you have social like/share buttons on every page of your website or blog.
  • Share all of your content to your own social media profiles
  • Ask your followers and visitors to like, share, and leave a comment.
  • Build links naturally.

Marketing Campaigns don’t have to be expensive, of course, if you have a budget which allows you to outsource then that’s great. for the many who start without or with a low budget, these matters must be dealt with by themselves. 

Essentially, at Orion Digital, we are trying to say it’s ok to start your marketing campaigns on a low budget, we’ve done it.

Gauging the success of your content marketing campaigns requires gathering information from a few key performance metrics.

Most marketers just look at their traffic logs to judge whether their content marketing is successful, but there’s so much more to it than that.


Traffic is a most important metric to pay attention to, after all, it is the bloodline of your marketing campaigns.

  • Traffic to individual articles – This will help you decide what your visitors are most interested in reading about, and whether or not you’ve been delivering that to them.
  • Where does your traffic come from – The amount of traffic you get to different articles should never be a great worry. It probably only means that some of your articles are more popular than others this is quite normal.
  • How many shares your content is getting – Your readers will only share content they find interesting, informative and of value. Knowing how many shares and likes you are getting will tell you whether or not you’re truly reaching your audience.

Negative Values Which Affect Your Authority

  • Poor quality content – poor quality content leads people to believe that you are not an authority on your topic. You need your readers to have faith in your comprehension of the topic and look to you as a leader of informative and accurate information.
  • Content that doesn’t resonate – Content that doesn’t resonate with your audience will hurt your chances at encouraging repeat visitors while also showing a lack of understanding of your market.
  • Content that sells without informing – This a common mistake that new marketer’s make. You want your content to provide useful information while at the same time entertaining your audience. Creating engaging content will not only drive traffic to your site it will ensure return visitors. Failure to do this will destroy your chances of converting visitors into customers further down the line.

Knowing exactly what kind of content your audience wants to read will help you build wildly successful content marketing campaigns!

Being able to anticipate exactly what kind of content your audience is most interested in is difficult to do without first doing your market research.

The key is to research your potential content before you write it, and there are a few ways to accomplish that quickly and easily.

  • Evaluate social media – like Facebook and Twitter, look for articles that have a high number of likes, retweets, and shares. That’s usually a clear indication that the content being shared is in demand by your target audience.
  • Keep tabs – on the type of content that has very few likes and shares to see if you can spot why it may have performed so poorly.

Once again I come back to the importance of making sure your writing is grammatically correct and proofread, let’s face it would you want poorly written articles on your Facebook and other social media. I can’t emphasize enough how important this is.

  • Studying your competitors – Not just what they write but what comments are being made about what they write, what distribution they have in social media. this is a good way to get an understanding of the type of content your audience is looking for.

To Conclude.

Blogging is not just about putting a few words together. If you want to take a blog to the next level, or indeed if you intend from the outset of your blogging to make it the center of your business you need to nurture it, keep your deadlines and write for your audience, not yourself. Most importantly do your research and pay attention to your metrics.

As always, your comments are most welcome and we will reply to each and every one of them. Remember it is your comments that help us write our future content.


Adam is the founder of First Media Direct and Author of the Company Blog Orion Digital.

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