Marketing Strategies and The Underlying Cost

Jul 18, 2017
internet Marketing
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Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies for a small business require astute awareness of underlying costs and of course not every small business has a marketing budget like the bigger companies.

Setting up a blog is, without a doubt, the easiest part of starting your online business.

But there is more to blogging than just writing a 500-word article once or twice a week.

You need to keep ahead of the curve, knowing what’s happening in your niche is essential to competing on a level footing with the many others working in the same niche.

Take Affiliate marketing as an example.

As an affiliate, there are many tactics used to entice prospects to buy a particular product through an affiliate link.

This enticement usually comes in the form of giving free of charge a number of additional products geared to enhance or build upon the main product being sold.

But for the affiliate it doesn’t stop there, the additional products have to be paid for and that cost must be taken into account when calculating the Return on Investment (ROI).

OH, and of course, there is traffic, and whilst some affiliates will have built up a large subscriber base of their own, many will find themselves having to pay to have traffic sent to their offerings.

What I’m trying to say here is that nothing can be taken for granted, even if you create your own products you still end up paying your affiliates their share of the takings.

Your own ROI depends upon many things such as how much you pay your copywriters, whether or not you outsourced all or part of the product creation process, the Cost of Graphic and Web Designers and finally the cost of sending traffic to your offer.

It all adds up, So when you hear someone boast that their sale of a particular product has brought in $750,000 in revenue, think for a moment just what is their own share of the profit, because what they are telling you is the Gross Sales Figure, not their net profit.

So my aim here is not to dissuade you from aspiring to entrepreneurial success but more to outline that there are many hidden costs involved and I’m not just talking about money.

Running a blog is not an easy task, no matter what anyone tells you. Research, and writing your article/post can become a full-time job in itself.

More often than not, entrepreneurs will find themselves with little enough time to spread the word about their latest product or service.

With that in mind here are a few basic marketing strategies designed to help fill that gap.

#1. Optimize Your content – when writing your article/post keep in mind that it is your Keywords that attract visitors to your site. therefore they will need to be placed strategically throughout your text.
A good way to optimize your text as you write is a WordPress Plugin called Yoast SEO  it’s freely available from

#2. Consider the use of Facebook Ads and Google Ads – they do work and are cheaper than print, television or radio, they also appeal to a much wider audience.

#3. Use a Call To Action – Remember that the object of your content marketing is not only to provide information but to attract your visitors towards a purchase of your product or service. The right Call To Action converts those visitors into sales, but you need to tell them exactly what you want them to do to get your product or service. ie. (Click the link below to get a massive discount).

#4. Keep Your Blog Up to Date – Since your blog will be the source of information about your product or service it is vital that you keep it up to date. Content Marketing is Crucial to your Brand Awareness. You must publish regularly whether it’s once a week, every other day or twice weekly.

#5. Know Your Competition – researching your competitors will give you an invaluable insight about how they market their products and how to make sure that what you offer is different to theirs within your marketplace.

#6. Create an eMail Campaign – having an email marketing campaign will put you in front of your target audience. It’s well known that “The money is in the list”. Having your own email list is a vital part of your marketing strategy as everyone on your list will see your email message inside their inbox.

#7. Test Your Marketing Campaigns – Split testing or A/B testing will help in your analysis of how your sales copy is performing. It’s well known that even the slightest tweak to a sales page can make a great difference to the number of sales you make.

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