What Does It Mean To Have An Online Presence

Jul 4, 2017
internet Marketing
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Online Presence

Have An Online Presence or Lose out!

Your business needs an online presence. Mobile devices are becoming ever smarter these days and as such, more and more searches for internet businesses are being made from such devices.

Internet marketing has also evolved, it’s no longer an elite club for the few, who seized on the opportunity in the early days to make their fortune selling to those who were trying to make money online themselves.

Of course, a good online presence can make a big difference in the eyes of customers.

Today’s customers are very savvy and know that searching many sites can offer many variations of a specific product.

What makes them buy from you is a combination of many factors, not just the price.

What does an online presence bring to your business?

Having an online presence is no longer just for Internet businesses. Now more than ever local businesses large and small are catching on to the fact that having a website can bring in more business.

When you talk to most people about internet businesses they will automatically bring up companies like AMAZON or eBay, this may have been the case a few years ago but today anyone can get a website on the internet.

If you take into consideration that over Christmas 2016 -2017 a massive £728 million was spent online over a couple of days it feeds the imagination to how much of that you could have.

Should I use professionals to help boost my online presence.

I would have to say, it very much depends upon your budget. SEO is a complicated matter and there is no doubt that the SEO professionals are the expert authority within the field of Search Engine Optimization which is probably why they are so expensive.

That said, with some quite intense research and the help of a specialized WordPress plugin it is possible to work the SEO factor yourself.

Creating a Customer Experience.

Making the decision to create a website for your business can seem like taking a step into the unknown.

You can’t just throw up any old website, it has to offer your customers what they are looking for and it has to be constantly updated with information.

Many fall into the trap of creating a one-page site with a couple of images and a basic description of their business.

In the concept of today’s Internet, people want information, as such, the more information you offer on your website the better response you will get from the search engines bringing you organic traffic.

On Saturday I wrote about WordPress Plugins but plugins only create the functionality of a WordPress site.

The important factor is the theme since despite the old saying “you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover” your website will be judged by its appearance.

I would highly recommend investing in a professional theme. The presentation is paramount to your customer experience and keeping them on your site.

Running a blog can be a full-time job, but if you manage to create great content and get your SEO right the benefits could be phenomenal.

Branding your Company with a Logo.

If you don’t already have a company logo you should give serious consideration to getting one designed. A good logo can go a long way to branding your Company. just take a look at NIKE or ADIDAS their logos are instantly recognizable.

To Conclude.

No matter the size of your business, having an online presence can greatly increase the amount of interest in what you have to offer whether it is a product or services for sale.

The internet has become a great influencer of who buys what from whom.


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