You’re Being Fed Outdated and Useless Information

Jan 21, 2018
Affiliate Marketing
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outdated and useless

Outdated and Useless Information!
If I offered you a free eBook, Video series or Software app in return for you signing up for my email list chances are you would probably do it yes?

There is, however, a but coming here.

But you would be expecting something of Value which offered information relevant to the niche and you would expect it to be not only informative but able to offer advice or maybe even a solution to a problem you’re having.

So what if, once you have downloaded the file and unzipped it you then discover that the information is from 2012 or even 2007.

What if the video series you were expecting contained only 12 videos and not the 22 videos as was advertised so you only had half the information you were expecting.

My guess is two things will happen.

  1. You will undoubtedly be greatly disappointed.
  2.  You will immediately unsubscribe from my list.

But let me tell you up front – The Gurus are feeding you this OUTDATED AND USELESS  information every day in order to get you onto their lists and using it as bonus products to get you to buy products through their affiliate links.

AND YES I’m talking about those marketers that you have come to like and trust.

But it gets worse, recently I paid $67 to gain access to a Private Label Rights (PLR) site only to discover that every product in it dated back to 2007.

Needless to say, I got my refund but my point is the vendor is selling access to information which is in outdated and useless. 

PLR products are (supposedly) designed so that they can be edited with little effort and then turned around quickly to enable the purchaser then sell an entirely NEW product which is up to date, informative and relevant.

What can one do with a ten-year-old product?

Absolutely Nothing at all because the information is outdated and useless. anyone in Internet Marketing will tell you that the Internet changes from day to day and often what works now will not work next year.

Hey, I may be wrong here, or maybe my personal expectations are too high.

One thing we can Promise you is when we offer you a product in return for signing up to our mailing list it Will be up-to-date and it will contain informative information.

Adam is the founder of First Media Direct and Author of the Company Blog Orion Digital.

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