Page Speed So Important for SEO But Why?

Oct 23, 2017
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Page Speed

Page speed is a critical factor in digital marketing today.

Why? Because It has a significant impact on all of the following;

  • How long visitors stay on your site.
  • How many of them convert into paying customers.
  • How much you pay on a CPC basis in paid search.
  • Where you rank in organic searches.

If you’ve ever clicked on a website and had to wait for it to load you will understand what we are about to tell you. 

Websites that load slowly are not just a pain in the ass for customers, they are a major impediment to your Google Search Engine Results Page Ranking.

Unfortunately, it’s true to say that many websites still perform poorly when it comes to page speed.

It’s also true to say that a slow page speed does have a direct and negative impact on their overall revenue.

Now, Whilst there is a number of things we can do as digital marketers to resolve our many SEO issues, there never seems to be enough time to cover them all.

It does appear though, that the one thing we can keep up to date is, in fact, the main source of neglect and that is Page Speed.

Despite best efforts in this area, many webmasters it seems are prepared to accept that the time and effort required to improve page speed by a few seconds is not a worthwhile activity.

The SEO ers will tell you that the first thing you should do is dump your shared web hosting in favor of  VPS or a dedicated server.

Doing this they say will almost instantly improve your page speed though you may not notice the difference yourself it will make a difference to your visitors.

We understand what they say but by the same token, we would argue that both VPS and dedicated web hosting pricing may well be beyond the new blogger.

Therefore, we make the best of what we can afford at the time. Sure as we become known and trusted, so our revenue will increase and then perhaps we can afford the $140 that better web hosting costs.

Of course, one should never neglect the importance of SEO in content, since it is this that helps your blog posts get on page one.

As a blogger, you obviously want to make money, but remember the road from start to earning is a long one and every step along the journey depends upon SEO.

Remember that Google looks at every page on your website and no longer judges or assesses a site based upon its home page.

This means that on page SEO and Page speed are critical if you want to get any sort of ranking.

How to check your page speed.

Checking your website’s page load speed is simple. There are hundreds of tools that load your website from various geographical locations and tell you exactly how long it took to deliver. Some even tell you what’s slowing down your page load speed.

PageSpeed Insights is a free tool by Google that analyses your website and provides a full breakdown of page load issues. From uncompressed images to bad CSS, it lists most factors that are preventing your website from loading as quickly as it could.

We are in no way SEO experts but that said we keep abreast of what’s new, what works and what does not, and so it seems to work for us so far.

Not everyone has the budget to hire an SEO Expert but that should not stop anyone from reading and keeping up to date with SEO additionally thee are a number of WordPress Plugins to help with on-page SEO.

To Conclude.

If you are running a WordPress Site the at the very least Use a FREE SEO plugin called YOAST, to begin with and later once you are earning from your blog invest in some serious SEO.




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