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Sep 5, 2017
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What Makes A Good Thank You Page?

Today We’re going to take a look at “The Anatomy of a Thank You Page”

But, before we go on, ‘Let us ask you a question; are you making the most of your Thank You Pages?

It’s probably the most neglected page of most websites when it could be;

  1. Making additional offers.
  2. Offering your customers more for their money. (Over-Delivering).

These are things which are perfectly acceptable for a thank you page but are rarely used.

If we take a slightly more in-depth look at this subject we find there are other things we not only can but should include.

Failing all else, you should at least leave a link back to your blog, but better that you show a working menu at the head of the page.

Of course the ultimate would be a personalized video, but whichever option you choose for your thank you page always, but always ensure your social media links are present.

Designing your “Thank You” page is just as important as any other page of your website.

There is even a school of thought that suggests it should be Search Engine Optimized.

However, we would suggest that optimization is the last thing you should be doing to a Thank You page since it not a page you really want to rank for.

Instead of Optimization you should entertain “No Index No Follow”

Anatomy Of A Good Thank You Page

There is a field of thought that says the thank you page is a good place to put another free offer along with a signup form. Personally, we tend to steer away from this avenue of thought since it only adds each person to multiple lists and in the long run, this can cause problems with segmentation.

Our personal take on this is to use it as a form of upselling.

Let us explain;

If you’ve ever shopped online, and we assume you have, then you will we’re sure, have noticed that at the end of your purchase process you end up on a page which says “People who have bought ‘xyz Product’ have also bought ‘abc product’.

Of course, this is their way of getting you to make an additional purchase or in other words, an upsell.

So, let’s recap.

The Anatomy of a good thank you page should simply contain the following.

#1. A statement of thanks for the customers’ purchase OR a personalized video in which they are thanked for their purchase.

#2. Information about how their product is to be delivered, ie. email.

#3. A link back to your Blog.

#4. Some form of Upsell.

#5. Your Social Media Links.

What additions do you place on your “Thank You” Pages?

We’d love to hear your ideas. All comments welcome.


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