The Internet Marketing Mindset

Mar 4, 2016
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Internet Marketing Mindset

The Internet Marketing Mindset

Having the Right Internet Marketing Mindset is vital if want to succeed online.

I realize that you have heard this many times before but there is no such thing as a “Get Rich Quick Scheme”.

Making a success of your online marketing efforts is a process which involves creating a business and not chasing money.

To become successful is to earn the trust of those you do business with, that means fellow marketers and consumers alike.

Without trust your chances of failure grow exponentially. Today’s consumer is cautious and extremely aware of scammers and online cons. They will want to know you before they buy from you.

Equally your fellow Internet Marketers will want to build a relationship with you and get to know Your Internet Marketing mindset before they put their own reputations on the line before agreeing to Joint Ventures with you and supporting or endorsing your products.

Planning and Goal Setting
“A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.” ~ Bruce Lee

It is a good idea to set yourself a goal and formulate a plan of how you will attain it. Building a business is a process which does not happen overnight.

 Mark Halerpin says “Focus first on where you want to be, and why, and then on the right path to get there.” 

The Ugly Truth
It makes no difference how good your Plan is or how ambitious your goals, without the right mindset you will achieve nothing.

So What is the Right Mindset?
Having the right mindset falls into three simple categories believe it or not:

  1. A belief in Yourself to succeed
  2. A willingness to do whatever is needed to achieve success.
  3. The ability to visualize success

A mindset is the filter if you like for sifting through the information input and output. It determines how you receive such information and how you react to it.

Having the right mindset is the biggest factor for success
When you learn something new or experience change, the normal process is to strip out the information most relevant to you.
Then develop the facts that are most useful in getting you to where you want to be. This system is your mindset which In turn, affects what decisions you make.

These decisions in turn form habits and it’s these habits which we tend to follow.

There are four factors which affect our ability to be positive and succeed in life!

  1. Complaining – Nobody denies that life is stressful and complaining is the most common reaction to stress. We think that complaining about our life is a release valve but the more we complain, the more unhappy we make ourselves and then we find more to complain about.
  2. Making Assumptions – Making an assumption about something is in reality making a guess and no successful business was founded upon guesswork. Correct Action can only be taken when you are sure about something. Therefore it becomes equally important to ask the right questions in order to create the right Internet Marketing Mindset. Asking questions serves to your ability to seek help and shows a willingness to learn.
  3. Not taking Responsibility – Blaming others for your failure is the easy way out of not getting it right. We learn by our mistakes but learning means moving forward not giving up. the decision is yours therefore the outcome of that decision whether good or bad is also yours and you must take responsibility for it.
  4. Hardest Task First – It’s human nature to want things easy and when we are faced with a list of things to do we often start with the easiest one first. The idea is that because the task is easy there is no stress involved and as such keeps in your comfort zone. upon completion of these easier tasks you then start to become stressed thinking about how you are going to tackle and complete the hardest task on your list.

Positive action requires positive thinking!
Having the correct mindset will create focus and in turn lead to productivity which itself leads success.

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