Why Not To Use Private Label Rights Products

May 19, 2016
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Private Label Rights

Private Label Rights (PLR) content, often referred to as “White Label Rights” content, is a form of content that is widely sold on the internet. Internet marketers and webmasters similarly recommend the use of such material using phrases like PLR is ideal to use for blog content if you don’t have the ability or time to create your own articles. PLR content usually comes with a license for the purchaser to claim ownership of the content. 

In short, depending on the exact license accompanying the product, when one buys Private Label Rights content, they are free to take the work, modify it, put their name on it and even sell it as an eBook or break it down into an eCourse. 

There are a many reasons why PLR content is tempting for marketers. It’s cheap to purchase, easy to turn around and, if done well, visitors are never aware that the content wasn’t written by the company or person itself. 

Dangers of using Private Label Rights content

Those who are new to Internet Marketing fail to perceive the danger of using such material. Many use it straight out of the box and then find themselves subject to claims of Plagiarism and threats of Legal Mitigation.

Most Article Sites today will not accept such material no matter how much spin is put on it. 

Duplicate Content Issues

In addition to the potential Plagiarism problems there is also the fact that your Private Label Rights content could find itself subject to Duplicate Contact accusations. 

Nearly all sites that trade in PLR material sell the exact same content to multiple parties. Additionally it is highly unlikely that the site selling the product is responsible for writing it, more probable they have bought it from somewhere else or paid a third party to create it for them. 

If the work is published publicly, Google will sense this and treat most of the versions of the work as duplicate content and then penalize those sites, hence what is commonly known as “The Google Slap” and there is no coming back from the slap once google have made up their mind. 

Suspect Content Quality

Most PLR sites that sell Private Label rights articles and books do so in “packs” that are purchased largely unseen.

This prevents the buyer from determining the quality of such content before buying.

Unfortunately, a lot of time it turns out that the content is of poor quality and either requires a great deal of editing or just has to be scrapped altogether.

Let’s face it if you have to start editing your PLR, you might as well write your own content to begin with. Yet despite all of this Internet Marketers continue to sell it and recommend its use.

I have seen marketers say that you can take one Private Label Rights article and spin 100 copies from it and each on will give you an original article to use. This of course is utter rubbish.

It makes no difference what you do to PLR other than completely re-write it there will always be an element of it which could be construed as Plagiarism or at the very least Duplicate Content. The only Great article to write is one you have written yourself this is the only way you can guarantee unique original content.

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