Writing For Readers Why Is It So Important

Aug 29, 2017
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Writing For Readers

My topic for this post is Writing For Readers, but before I go on, let me ask;

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you simply want to rewind and start over?

This past week has been such a week for us here at Orion Digital. We have both been plagued with illness and to top everything off my faithful computer drew its last breath.

But recovered we are (sorry for the YODA Speak) and hopefully back on track.

Before sitting down to write this post I surfed the Internet and had a long discussion with my partner about what my intended topic was going to be.

I fully understand that each language has its own colloquial variations but my question is; should we be including these colloquialisms into our writing and should we accept this as an excuse for poor writing skills?

A recent government survey here in the UK suggested that many of our children are progressing from primary to senior education level with poor English language skills. 

I have always advocated that anyone who decides to write for a living should at the very least make an effort to get the basics right.

Much of what I’ve read on the internet recently says how you write is not as important as what you are writing about!

Let me explain.

If the aim of my content is to inform my readers about a specific product, and that product is in my opinion, of value to my readers then it doesn’t matter if my grammar is poor or indeed if there are a few spelling mistakes along the way.

If I have the trust of my readers they will buy the product regardless.

If however, I am writing for readers and my content is more of an educational or informative value then perhaps my writings should be of a higher quality.

As I have expressed previously, this is simply my personal opinion, but I do believe any job worth doing is worth doing well.

Dare I even suggest that a course on writing or indeed grammar is available on UDEMY for a very reasonable fee, should, of course, one be interested in improving one’s writing standards.

Look, It’s not my intention to preach here, and I’m no English teacher, however, I take my job as a blogger very seriously. I think anyone who takes the time to read our blog deserves to have a well-written presentation.

I read a quote recently (Can’t remember who by) but I did think it was most amusing; “America and England are two countries separated by a common language”

I have an Aunt who was taken on as a PA to an American Businessman, one of the conditions to her contract was that she attend a course in American Language Skills before taking up the position.

I often see words being misused in sales copy, for example, “Get my secret sauce to free traffic” when it should read “Get my secret source to free traffic”. the word Sauce according to the Encarta Dictionary means a flavoured liquid for food.

When a copywriter charges you several hundreds of dollars for his wares you would expect the language used to be correct. But then you would expect such a mistake to be picked up in the proofreading.

to put things in perspective, When we hire a coder to create a specialist piece of software for us we expect and accept nothing less than perfection. After all, unless his coding is precise the software won’t work.

But then we take the amazing piece of software and sell it with sales copy that has poor grammar, misspelled (misspelt) words and any number of spacing errors.

To Conclude

Despite the many errors across the multitude of websites on the internet, we are all in our own way writing for readers. 

We would love to read your comments about this post so don’t be shy, give us your opinion controversial or otherwise.


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