Evergreen Content is King

Feb 18, 2017
Article Writing
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“Evergreen Content is king”.

Why?..  If you want to continually attract visitors to your site then you should understand that SEO is not enough. you need to produce a constant flow of fresh evergreen content.

It’s a fact that 53{1039872b9b5b64e46745d9193c25a7ee1c0d2ff4785e24aa066d5c6b00562efc} of the web pages today are WordPress related and an average of 6,000 new posts are created daily, meaning that there is a wealth of information to be found on the internet.

Remember, people are looking for information and if your content becomes outdated it will no longer attract visitors thye will simply go elsewhere to find what they are looking for.

What is evergreen content:

The general definition of evergreen content is that it maintains its usefulness over time. Meaning it is useful and won’t expire or quickly become obsolete, it will have a solid, long-lasting foundation.

So how do you create Evergreen Content?

There are a number of simple steps to follow.

Step 1. Create Content for Your Intended Audience

Remember when someone visits your website, they most likely have a problem they are looking to resolve. They are looking for information about a product or service.

They may for example be in the early stages of searching for help with a health problem such as acne or how to lose weight quickly. Meaning you should write to fit the needs of your customer.

Step 2: Solve problems and answer questions

Evergreen content should typically offer a solution and answer questions to a common problem which your reader may be experiencing. The key here is to carry out Quality research using authority sites such as Wikipedia for for example.

Step 3: See what works for other sites in your niche.

Creating a piece of content that will remain useful for years may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but figuring out what might work doesn’t have to be a wild guess.

Find out what other writers are saying on their sites. whilst you should not copy their content it is OK to read and use thier articles as a foundation of research for your own article. A useful tool for such research is a WordPress Plugin called Blogbuddy, which is also useful for creating back-links and can help in driving traffic to your site.

Also don’t forget when researching, Google is your best friend.

Step 4: Refresh outdated pieces.

Another way to create evergreen content is to find a piece of old outdated content and bring it up to date it. By continuously creating new up to date information from old content, you can keep your content new and relevant.

A typical example of updating older content would be finding a review say about a DSL Camera which has been replaced with a new model. by researching the new model and then writing an article which compares the old version to the newer on you are creating a completely new and original article for your site.


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