Google Algorithms Should We Be Concerned

Jun 27, 2017
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Google Algorithms

Google Algorithms – Panic or Not

Google Algorithms are as we know constantly changing and they provide us with less information about their updates these days.

This leaves us all scrambling to find out why we’ve had such a huge drop in organic traffic and is usually the first time we realize there has been an update.

Whilst this may cause some panic initially it is possible to recover with few tweaks of our SEO.

It’s often difficult to determine whether the change in the algorithm was a minor change or a major update.

The professional SEOers will tell you that this determination depends upon the amount of activity

For SEOs who follow changes to search rankings “Activity”  means they saw some fluctuations which took place in a short period of time.

A lot of activity would indicate there has been a large fluctuation across many websites and big updates can often mean big drops in traffic.

A quick check of your Analytics and Search Console should help you determine how if at all you have been affected.

Unless you are an absolute beginner online you will I guess know about Google Algorithms – Panda, Penguin, Humming Bird, Pidgeon etc.

It has been a trait of Google to give their major updates a name, but FRED??? where did that one come from?

Anyway, I digress, as I’ve already mentioned Google rolls out algorithm updates once or twice every month (and that’s just the ones we know about!), but not all of them have an equally strong impact on the SERPs.

Some of you may already know about a software application called SEO Power Suite

This software suite could well help you Gauge The Impact That Google Algorithms have on your website.

There is some debate about sitemaps and rightly so since Google absolutely loves them. 

A sitemap can be useful for getting your site indexed though there are no guarantees despite the fact that Google has stated that they like you to have one.

Those of you who are thinking of using YOAST SEO Plugin I would recommend you go ahead.

It’s a remarkable plugin which once set up does your post SEO as you write and it has a built in sitemap thereby eliminating the need to use an additional sitemap plugin.

Whatever you write about on your blog/website we all want to get as high up the search engine rankings as possible, if for no other reason that the higher our ranking is the more organic traffic we will likely get.

It would be remiss of me to tell you that you should make yourself aware of every single change in Googles Algorithms in order to keep ahead of the curve so to speak.

Your search console and analytics should provide you with all the information you need to monitor any effects of a major algorithm change.

The smaller changes, won’t have such a dramatic effect on your traffic.

To conclude.

Yes, you do need to keep on top of your SEO, however, there is no need to hit the panic button, Google is not going away and thus we will always either gain or lose something when they update their algorithm.

Please don’t leave without letting us know how you have been affected by Googles updates, all your comments are welcome.

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