Information Overload or Shiny Object Syndrome

Aug 8, 2017
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Information Overload

Information Overload – A Definition!

Information overload occurs when the amount of input to a system exceeds its processing capacity. Decision makers have fairly limited cognitive processing capacity. Consequently, when information overload occurs, it is likely that a reduction in decision quality will occur (Source Wikipedia).

Now I understand that this definition may appear to apply to technology but since each of us possess the most advanced computer in existence (The Human Brain) It applies just as strongly to us.

How often have you landed on a sales page where you’re told “Buy this course – and go from $0 to $100 per day in only 30 Days” 

Yep, We’ve been there, my partner and I have spent thousands of dollars buying eBooks, e-courses, and video courses in an attempt to break into the World of Internet Marketing.

Then, of course, there is the vast amount of Software and Tools which are supposed to make your online presence easier to achieve.

Information Overload affects us all.

Many Internet Marketers use this as their selling point, a story for many if not most of the products they offer for sale.

This story is their way to empathize with the visitor, they win you over by telling you that they too once went through what you’re experiencing.

Some even tell you that they maxed out their credit cards, remortgaged their home and were $80,000 in debt until they discovered a secret formula which made them $1,000 per day.

What’s more, they will happily sell their formula to you for a tidy sum of $197 (But of course they offer a DISCLAIMER which says in effect they do not guarantee that you will make any money from their system).

This is where for many, that the shiny object syndrome kicks in and they reach for their credit cards.

Interestingly, one of three things happens at this point.

  1. The information is downloaded and saved to a hard drive and thus forgotten.
  2. The Information is downloaded and looked at but not acted upon and thus forgotten.
  3. The Information is downloaded and used and found not to be as described and thus a refund is requested.

Now I’m not going to tell you that learning the internet marketing business is easy, it’s not. but then If you think for a moment that you can put up a website and start earning money overnight, YOU CAN’T.

Earning money online means creating a business, and creating a business from scratch is a slow often painful and disappointing process.

Another cliche you will hear often is “There is no such thing as a Get Rich Quick Scheme”. and I think in some ways that this contributes to the so called “Shiny Object Syndrome”.

But, it is a difficult syndrome to avoid, since the human desire for knowledge can be all consuming.

Hereby lies yet another problem. You see, by the time you’ve spent a thousand dollars you begin to realize that much of what you’ve bought is the same old same old and has just been rehashed and given a different name.

This is when you start to lose faith in product sellers and begin being wary of what you buy and from whom you buy.

You soon realize that Google is your best friend in the search for the right information which will help you in your quest to create your own online business.

I’ve said in previous posts that today’s consumer is internet savvy, and it is regretful that this has come about mostly by them being screwed over by unscrupulous scammers.

Honesty and integrity should be at the heart of anyone selling online but as you and we both know it most definitely is not.

If you do a Google search of HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE you get the following result (See Image Below). Yup 177,000,000 results.

Just an example of how many people are trying to sell products to do with making money. Of course, not all of them are scammers, it would be remiss of me to even suggest this was the case. Most are genuine products or even job offers.

But hidden away in the middle of this 177,000,000 results there will be those who are attempting to sell you yet another “Shiny Object”


We’d like to be able to tell you there is a way to avoid Information Overload, but We’re not sure there is. All we can add is that knowing you are Internet Savvy, Do your research before buying anything online not just products about how to earn a living.

What we can tell you is that starting a business online is no different to starting a business on the high street. It takes determination, enthusiasm, strong will and a whole lot of patience.

One of the biggest mistakes people do make is chasing the money, if you fall into that trap you will end up bitterly disappointed.

If you are just starting out creating your online business, we wish you well. We would, of course, like to hear from you, and your thoughts on this post.


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