Killer SEO Strategies For More Traffic

Oct 3, 2017
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Killer SEO

It’s said that Good SEO means traffic. So here is a tase of some Killer SEO Strategies which should bring more traffic to your website

Finding new customers, increasing sales and getting better conversions is not an easy task for any Internet Marketer yet it’s something which we must all pay attention to.

So just how does search engine optimization help you to increase your website traffic.

It could be said that almost every large company has an online presence today and with that online presence comes a strategic Search Engine Optimization plan.

Of course, these large companies carry the income which allows them to hire top SEO strategists to ensure their websites are at peak SEO performance.

However, in this article, we are not concerned with the big boys but what the ordinary everyday Internet Marketer needs to do to create their own Killer SEO Strategies. 

So where to start with our Killer SEO Strategies

First consideration must be given to your content after all this is the object of your Marketing Strategy. So let’s take a quick look at some important factors.

  1. Unique Content – Everything you write to your blog should be unique, each article should contain an element of your self and be written in a way that can be easily understood. Remember not all of your website visitors will have your language as their native tongue, a simple guideline here would be “KISS” (Keep It Simple Stupid).
  2. Avoid Duplicate Content – This is somewhat of a sticky point with many bloggers. It seems that there is a thought process which says it is OK to post the same article to more than one site that you own yourself. This, of course, is a great misconception and to do so will have the effect of being penalized for plagiarism resulting in Google penalizing one or more of your sites.
  3. Non-textual content – Infographics such as images need a description in the alt text this is so that the Google bots can understand what the image represents in relation to the article and therefore increase their SEO value.
  4. Publish Useful Content – Always keep in mind that your content should be Useful, Interesting, Entertaining and offer great value.

So, now we have the easy part of the website taken care of it’s time to look at how to pull it all together and allow google to do its thing.

Search Engines crawl your website looking at the title tag description, the post titles and the alt tags of all the images. This process gives them the information they need to position your website in the Search Engine Ranked Pages (SERPs).

Killer SEO Strategies

If of course, you have the budget you could hand everything over to the SEO Experts, sit back and watch the results.

However, most of us don’t have that luxury so we do it ourselves.

Understanding the architecture of your post will help you more easily get your Killer Seo Strategies in order.

So let’s take a look, starting at the top.

  • Title tag – Every page must have a title, (found at the top of the Browser)this allows the search engine bots and your visitors to understand the general topic of each page within your website.
  • Meta Description – Otherwise known as a Snippet is a brief outline of what a reader can look forward to seeing on the page.
  • Formatting – This is simply paying attention to those key focus points that should be included within your article;
    For Example:
    Using <h1>, <h2> tags to create Headlines and Sub Headings.
  • Sentence length  – This is always a difficult one to achieve (We fail at this one regularly). The idea is that to obtain the best SEO from a sentence, it should be no longer than 23 words.
  • Large Blocks of Text – Line after line of text is a definite SEO killer. The search engine bots don’t like it. you should always to break up your text with headings, subheadings, bullet points. Search Engines just love Lists.

Internal Link Building

Linking to other pages within your website is important for Search Engine Optimization, and here’s why;

As the Search Engines scroll through your page(s), if there are no links they will simply continue to the end of the page and leave.

However, when they come upon a link they will follow that link to its source and continue scanning. Of course, when linking to other pages within your website it is important that they link to posts/pages of related content.

Internal linking, therefore, is a good way to connect your top pages resulting getting them more traffic.

Statistically, a visitor reading your post is more likely to click on the link in order to find out more about a particular topic.

Remember though, the concept of internal linking keeps the search engine bots on your website, if you create a link to an external website the bots will follow it, meaning they will leave your website unless you make the external link “No Index – No Follow”.

We hope this simple guide to SEO has been of help to you and welcome your comments.


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