Blogging Platforms

WordPress – My personal recommendation for a Blogging, Content Management System platform is
It’s the blogging platform of choice for most bloggers today simply because it’s user-friendly and requires no knowledge of coding. Additionally, it is versatile, adaptable and there is an endless supply of Free plugins to help make it work.

A couple of other platforms exist of course including: – a free hosted blogging platform
Blogger – another free hosted option – owned by Google

Domain Names

NamesCheap – We use Namecheap for all of our domain Name Purchases, they always have a coupon system to get a few dollars off and their customer service is there 24/7 to offer assistance.

Hosting – If you’re just starting out or have a smaller blog I highly recommend you check out their prices are very reasonable and their customer support is 24/7 and first class.

Email Marketing Services

AWebera email/newsletter management tool
MailChimp – another email provider that I use on my sites – very reliable with some great features and the most popular service among our readers
Getresponse – A great Service for eMails and Newsletters.

Many of the links on this page are affiliate links and will earn us a small commission if you signup to the services. This adds no cost to you but helps keep Orion Digital sustainable. It’s also worth noting that almost all resources mentioned on this page are resources that we use ourselves.